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Making Self-Growth Your Superpower in Business

Working with me will give you the practical tools to confidently design and grow your business with laser focus.

I have personally lived the vast difference between being a kind & knowledgeable professional with good intentions versus being a mindful entrepreneur with a very clear vision. I can vow to you that the agreeable- unaware- smarty pants version was not the recipe for success as much as it was an opportunity for growth.

The mindful version replaced burnout with stamina, leveraged my business to attract my ideal clients, added tremendous value to my quality of life and encouraged self-worth. Mindset growth is an important part of my business strategy and if you work with me it will also be yours. It’s the exact thing that will magically transform you and your business to grow together, as you evolve – so will your business. It’s guaranteed.

Conscious Business Coaching for Women

Hi. I’m Tina Dowdy… a mindful & successful entrepreneur; humanitarian, small business consultant and transformational life coach, intuitive counselor and friend.

I am the one committed to helping you rise above your struggles with doubt & fear and boost your confidence and focus on growing a profitable business you’ll love.

Tina Dowdy

Navigating Your Brilliance

I’ve designed a holistic business coaching model that maps out the sum of YOU and your business. This includes all that is genius about you and all that gets in the way of your genius from expanding into the confident entrepreneurial leadership role that you deserve to be in. If you work with me I will show you solutions on how to stay focused and turn your limiting fears into limitless opportunities to achieve your highest potential.


Lori Stanick

I recommend Tina and her coaching 100%.  Tina is intuitive, responsive and caring. She helped me clarify my thoughts and goals and helped me to take the steps I needed in my journey.  I felt motivated and guided with the 1:1 sessions and the meditations made just for me are supportive, and relaxing. Coaching with Tina was an invaluable experience for me! 


Rosie Hudson

Executive & Yoga Teacher, Babylon, NY

“Since working with Tina, her expertise has helped me accomplish many goals including: producing an amazing yoga workshop, creating a website and learning how to attract more clients.  Her intuitive approach unlocked parts of me that I didn’t even know were suffering. I feel more deeply connected in my personal relationships & I’ve overcome obstacles that had been holding me back for a very long time. I now accept my position of power in my business and I trust my instincts. Tina’s insight and creativity continues to guide me to unify my spiritual and business practices.”


Brooke Anthony, Esq.

Attorney - New York, NY

“Tina's coaching and personalized guided meditations have allowed me to unlock the powerful and confident parts of me and to shed the negative thoughts and beliefs that have hindered me in my profession and that have been detrimental to my personal life. I am now more confident, focused and productive at work and more present and in the moment at home."


Edith Daly Tirpak

“It is my pleasure to recommend Tina Dowdy, a woman of integrity, who has many talents, to anyone who would like to experience healing on many levels. For the past 3 years I have consistently benefited from her tailor-made guided meditations, coaching and hypnotherapy sessions.  I am especially grateful for the depth of the inner child work she has done with me.”


Rosanna Martellaro

Inventor – Copiague, NY Peachy Creations, Inc.

“I am grateful for knowing Tina in all of her roles as a coach, as a holistic health practitioner and even as far back in her corporate years – her actions always showed clear dedication to doing the right thing for her clients needs. I value her knowledge & her ability to make things easy to understand and have witnessed her good moral character and her compassionate demeanor - a quality that allows one to want to mirror.” 


Joan I. Cardona

Consultant - Islip, NY Joanie’s Pampered Chef

“Far too many “experts” give advice while never actually trying it themselves. That’s why I love Tina Dowdy! She does not talk about things that she THINKS will work – she demonstrates from experience and insight. She is totally aware that there is no one size fits all method and she delivers on personal support.”


Nesconset, NY

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