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Any great story ever written was always edited and my job as a coach is to support you in making some pretty powerful revisions to your story through proven techniques of both personal and business mastery that include: assessing all the knowledge and wisdom you already collected in this lifetime and then raising the bar on the self-awareness part of your wisdom. I will show you ways to defy self-defeating actions that limit your growth in all the roles you play as a woman in your personal & business life.

That’s why I have created a holistic business coaching model. The term holistic means bringing the sum of ALL your parts to create the WHOLE picture - and so my brilliance is my ability to help you bring ALL OF YOU (all the parts of you) to show up to your entrepreneurial leadership role dressed in your own unique brilliance - designed by self-love - and feel empowered and confident to own the growth of the “whole” business!

You are in the Right Place If

  • 1.

    You have great ideas & dreams to build your own business & you need to:

  • Turn those business ideas into a clear vision so you can be positive and excited about where you’re headed and not get stuck in the process;
  • Form the structure of your vision into a business plan that will feel authentic;
  • Learn the art of how to design a workspace with yours and your clients best interest in mind;
  • Create unique offerings that will attract your ideal client;
  • Effectively position yourself in your marketing;
  • Decide if you’re working from home, a professional building or a storefront;
  • Figuring out what size space and location of space makes sense;
  • If your hiring help – how to go through the interview process;
  • Strategize marketing, networking and/or grand opening plans & press releases;
  • Make sure you’re not getting lost in the shuffle so you don’t lose sight of your passion and your purpose;
  • Manage your time to get it all done;
  • Feel confident in yourself and your decisions.
  • 2.

    You are currently in your own studio or solo practice and:

  • It’s not what you hoped for, you feel uncertain of what your next steps are;
  • You need to go to Plan B or C – but - you don’t have a Plan B or C;
  • You’re worried, exhausted and starting to feel hopeless over it;
  • Marketing seems difficult & you need to get yourself known and on the map;
  • It’s time to get to the bottom of what is not working for you;
  • You feel stuck, exhausted and lost sight of your vision & core values;
  • You would like to expand your knowledge in your practice and/or in the business aspect of it;
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed; you’re wearing too many hats and it’s paralyzing you from getting things done in enough time;
  • Manage your time to get it all done;
  • You need support so you can come up for air and come back to center;
  • You want to create & implement new offerings and workshops that attract the “right” clientele, but, you are unsure for several reasons;
  • Want to find more cost effective ways of marketing and networking;
  • Having trouble charging your value and getting it;
  • It’s time to refocus & rewrite the business plans.


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